1. Pine Tree Mask

Masks are now an accessory. This pine tree mask is a great stocking stuffer that can be used throughout the winter.

Pine Tree mask

2. An aroma that they will not forget

Mmm! Lemon Lavender poured candle. Sit this on your desk and enjoy it for months.

Lemon Lavender Candle - Sweet Water Decor

3. Manly Soap for a Manly Man

Lumber Jack! A woodsy and fresh blend of fir needle, cedarwood atlas, and patchouli essential oil.

Lumberjack Soap - Perennial Soaps

4. Sugar Cube Exfoliating Scrub

Who doesn’t want candy kisses? Sugar Scrub Candy Kisses blended with Shea butter and coconut oil with the amazing aroma of PEPPERMINT essential oil. Sweet!

Sugar Scrub Candy Kisses

5. Lotion made with great ingredients

Keep your hands soft and fresh with a hint of spearmint and a touch of Lemon from Litsea Cubeba! Great for everyone! Not overpowering – just fresh!

Lemon Fresh Mint Goat Milk Lotion